Feel your aura

Our awareness is divided between conscious and sub-conscious states. We know that we are aware but sub-conscious is hidden. It become active in sleep or once awareness is so deep that it centered between breath-in and breath-out. When breath is silent,  and attention is not moving, this is where we can feel our aura. 

Breath like a child. The breath goes in; the abdomen comes up,  the breath goes out and the abdomen goes down. Deep breathing through abdomen brings overflowing energy.  It brings joy and love. Feel the nature - Vastness of the sky, trees, flowers, buildings,  the clouds etc. Take a deep breath.  Alone with the sky, you may not have observed it before it's vastness, being infinite. Take more deep breaths and you feel your aura changing.

After a while thoughts, worries will come back. Again, take deep, slow breaths. Touch the center-breath through abdomen. If the breath goes deep down to the abdomen, it brings energy.  Now keep attention in between the breaths. Breath-in and before it is exhaled out, there is an interval. We can even practice it in daily life. We can practice it while walking, at time of going to sleep — lie down, let sleep come,  be fixed at the interval.