the Prana

The Prana

Prana is energy in our body and also energy in the universe that infuses and vitalizes all matter.  All sub-atomic particles and atoms contains The Prana Energy and every atom, molecule, and cell is an extension of the Prana - just as waves are extensions of the sea that lies beneath them.

Prana is also co-related to the breath. When we take a physical breath, there is a corresponding movement of prana energy. This prana energy revitalize blood cells and also flows in all living forms and performs vital functions.  

On either side of the spine there is an energetic nerve channel: ida on the left and pingala on the right. The prana energy travels upward through the ida nadi. The breath is drawn into the lungs and body is filled with Prana.

.The energy then travels downwards through the pingala nadi. When the energy is going down, it is called apana rather than prana. By controlling Prana, we can instead redirect the energy through the deep spine in between the ida and pingala, called the sushumna. When the level of energy in the sushumna reaches the top of the spine and goes into the spiritual eye, Prana becomes Bliss. 

In deep meditation, more we are entering into deeper layers, we feel the invisible prana in the center of the forehead, and then we know the — the energy, the bliss, the light showers.