calm your chatter

just be cosmic.

Meditate to be completely submerged into The Lord. He is king of kings and emperor of emperors, Who else should be meditated upon, forsaking such a Supreme Lord?

Let's start learning to meditate!

Purpose of Meditation

To meditate and Being submerged into Him is the ultimate mode of indescribable joy and peace.

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How to do meditation - Path 1

Bhakti Yoga is a path of meditation leading to the Lord by way of devotion and love. Bhakti is one of the three primary paths to enlightenment as described...

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How to do Meditation- Path 2

Dhyana- Just be and being one with universal energy is another path. Every way is leading to one conclusion "THE SELF" which is pervasive omniwhere and omnipresent.

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How to do Meditation - Path 3

Seva (Service), Gyana (Knowledge), Daan (Donation) is another path. Devotee perform spiritual service, introspect each thought and action, and being aware, and donate some of their earning. With

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Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. ...Zen

The world is a drama, staged in a dream..

“Touch your inner space, which is nothingness, as silent and empty as the sky; it is your inner sky. Once you settle down in your inner sky, you have come home, and a great maturity arises in your actions, in your behavior. Then whatever you do has grace in it. Then whatever you do is a poetry in itself. You live poetry; your walking becomes dancing, your silence becomes music.” ~Osho


Who Am I

Who am I -meditation. I am nothingness and I am the universe.

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Today - I will

My morning start with meditation and subsequently i spend the day with wisdom and..

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Third Eye

Some meditations to feel The Pineal Gland - The Spiritual Eye - the Third Eye. Once you feel this powerful thing, your trajectory to higher spiritual realms will be ignited ferociously. .

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Smile please! or Laugh!

Inner Smile “does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone”. - Lao Tzu Today I will stay away from - Greed, Hatred, Delusion

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Hearing and singing his name with mindful remembrance is not in vain, for the woes of existence can thus be relieved.

Not understanding the way before your eyes, how do you know the path you walk?

The Aura

Our heart emits electromagnetic rays and it has a magnetic field that can be measured up to several feet away from the human body. Positive emotions create physiological benefits that can boost your immune system.

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Feel your aura

Specific Meditations help in higher consciousness levels where a devotee can feel the aura. About what an aura is and how it exists on the periphery of a person.

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the Prana

Prana is energy in our body and also energy in the universe that infuses and vitalizes all matter. All sub-atomic particles and atoms contains The Prana Energy and every atom, molecule, and cell is an extension of the Prana - just as waves are extensions of the sea that lies beneath them.

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After Bliss

After being aware of the Prana and bliss within comes Sehaj or "New normal" where consciousness becomes Super Consciousness and living is like a dream. The journey is - to expand into the universe or to dissolve into nowhere. This is called Love.

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Learn meditation

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Om Meditation

Aum meditation is called stepping stone. This meditations is based on inner sounds, a certain utterance or a syllable. Only after deep, sustained meditation periods, true effects of this meditations are known

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Ida Pingla and Sukhmana

Prana energy moves in the body through 72,000 nadis, just like current. The 72,000 ways spring from three basic ways – the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. The word “nadi” does not mean nerve.

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Many Meditations in a Day

Feel the breathing: the rising and falling of your belly, or your chest. Notice the sounds in the environment. Watch your thoughts and emotions. Visit your body again.

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If you are worried for money, than start meditating and working toward it by using Money Mantra and making dedicated thought process and efforts towards it.

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Fear can stay in our hearts for some reasons or circumstances, happenings and it changes our behavior.

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Being worried changes areas your brain and these loopholes, once created, keep damaging your health .

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Stress - Depressed?

Depression is more than feeling down. It is a a serious problem and it causes changes in brain chemistry.

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Anger, which is caused by circumstances that are too much for an individual to handle with.

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