WHO AM I - You are not it, but in truth it is you 

I am nothingness and I am the universe. 

I am the coldest absolute 0  (even colder from minus 272000 °C ) and I am the hottest absolute 0  even hotter from (9,900,000,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit)

I am the gasses and I am beyond the gasses.

I am the light and ...


- Sit quietly and breath naturally. Do not concentrate. just Be yourself for few minutes.

- Ask yourself this question "Who am I?" repeat few times. Go deep. From your head to toes slowly. Ask again. Now go upward, ask again.

- be calm. If your mind says "I am a child of God" or "I am consciousness" or "I am a spiritual being of light,"  - brush aside and come back to the question.

- After some time, thought process will start naturally. Just watch these thoughts and ask this question" Who am I?" Why these thoughts are coming? From where?

- If you lost in thoughts - come back and ask this question

- if your eyes are open - ask  "Who is seeing through these eyes ow?" These questions direct your awareness inward, away from the external world and toward the source from which all experiences arise. 

- Your thoughts including the cluster of images, memories, feelings, and beliefs is merely a perception in your mind. But who is the perceiver, the ultimate subject of all of those objects? This is the real question at the heart of "Who am I?"

- Some day, the question "Who am I?" reveals the answer, not as a thought or a particular experience but as a vibrant, timeless presence that underlies and infuses every experience. When you awaken to this presence, you may be surprised to discover that it has been there all along, as the unacknowledged context and space in which life unfolds.