An afraid person is likely to act as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events.It could convert into a phobia.

Fear can stay in our hearts for some reasons or circumstances, happenings and it changes our behavior. Meditation can help:

The best mantra to eradicate fear is to recite mantras 2 times every day for 40 days created by Guru Gobind Singh in 16th Century. It is called Chandi Di Waar. It is a long mantra and must be recited in full at a time.

Here it is: Chandidivar.pdf

When you recite the whole mantras every day, your subconscious mind achieve the following;

  • Visualize all that cosmic war and yourself as Unafraid of the small pitiful fears.
  • Being on the side of Goof in the cosmic war.
  • Your mind start reacting as brave and reverse all those thoughts of fear.
  • Once you are in big picture of cosmic importance you confront Your Fears easily.
  • You deal With the Fear Directly and winning the Game of Fear.